Monday, August 2, 2010

Why A Little Sore May Be A Good Thing

If you want to access if your fitness routine is working, sore muscles are a good indicator. What actually happens is a slight breakdown of muscle tissue due to increased activity. Micro fissions or small muscle tears produces the soreness that along with proper nutrition causes hypertrophy. This is the opposite of atrophy which is what happens in time if you do nothing.
The trick is to just get a "little sore" which promotes growth instead of "hating life sore". The latter is not only unnecessary but counter productive. If you want to make progress and you've been working out you need to keep changing what your doing. The same routine for for too long will stop being productive. One thing Joe Weider (The Godfather of Body Building) got right was muscle confusion. A good trainer will make the necessary changes that will make the progress you want and the variety to make it fun and interesting.

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