Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Atkins, Zone, Jenny or Common Sence

There is one thing that all the major diet programs have in common. They all restrict calories. There is no magic eating program. If you need some structure to get going, it may be a good thing to give one of the above a try. When you first begin most diet programs there is an incubation period. This means it takes a little time before the body switches from fat storing to fat burning. Unfortunately most people are inpatient and want immediate results.
What you get with any of the major diet plans are quick results. In the first few weeks you will usually drop noticeable weight. What you get as a byproduct is usually some muscle loss. Fat will not be the only thing you will lose when you step on the scale. It's not fair but muscle burns more easily than fat.
If you want to lose fat and can hang in there for the long haul, take your time and eat smart. Most people know what to eat and what to avoid even if there are some sneaky exceptions. One thing to avoid however is starch based carbs. (bread, pasta, white potatoes, rice etc.) You can have starch but scale down the portion sizes. What you need to do is concentrate on water based carbs. (fruits and veggies) and lean protein and keep up your activity.

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