Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Eight Hour Diet Follow Up

 My last post was to the millions of people looking for a sensible way to lose weight. The diet I’m reviewing says you can eat all the foods you love and lose weight easily. The only real restriction was that you were to eat during an eight hour window. This means delay breakfast until 10:00 AM and have dinner by 6:00 PM. You can use any eight hour window.

What I found after three weeks, this is a great way to eliminate late night snacking. You are a little hungry in the morning but any restrictive eating plan requires some sacrifice. The author said you could lose seven lbs. in just 10 days. I only lost about 3.5 pounds. I didn’t go crazy and kept to my usual smart eating plan. I think if I ate all the fun foods that I love this would have been a crash and burn experience.

A few things differ with me that the usual person trying to lose weight. I didn’t want to lose any significant weight. I also workout more than most and burn a lot of calories with my personal training clients. These factors make me less likely to be a “Big Loser”.

Eating any way you want for eight hours is only going to make you lose weight if you used to pig out for 10-12 hours. For most people eating smart to begin with, this plan will be OK but will only produce modest results. One thing I found, if you wait until 10:00 or 12:00 for breakfast you sometimes skip lunch. This alone will cut calories if you skip a few lunches a week.

In conclusion, if you want to lose weight you need to burn more calories and take fewer calories in. Any program that gives structure and restricts calories is better than no plan at all. You want to avoid impulse eating be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. The Eight Hour Diet is easy to follow but eat smart. You will avoid late night snacking, skip a few lunches and lose a few pounds. 

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Diet That Isn't a Diet

I was watching the Today Show and they had an editor for Men’s Health on the program. He has written several books called “Eat This Not That”. His new book has a program that made several impressive claims. You can eat for any 8 hour period and then have nothing for the next 16 hours. This he said leads not only to quick weight loss but also to more energy and less catastrophic disease.

This plan says you should concentrate on 8 super foods and that this it is not an excuse to pig out. You could have large quantities of food during the 8 hour period and can also indulge in comfort foods like pizza, ice cream, cake and even wine. (You can have all your favorite foods).

When you get up in the morning just delay breakfast and start eating about 10:00-11:00. One important thing you miss with a program like this is the metabolism “jump start” you get in the morning by eating breakfast. You can get around this by having some coffee or tea and then walking for as little as 8 minutes. This is only for the morning jump start and should not replace any exercise you have planned.

On the one hand the author says you can eat all your favorite foods but on the other hand he says this is not an excuse to pig out. He says to make sure to concentrate on the eight “Super Foods” like nuts, legumes, yogurt, asparagus, turkey, whole grain and dairy etc.  So you can see this is not calorie restrictive only time restrictive.
What I plan on doing at this point is to conduct my own personal experiment. I weighed in this Monday and have begun my version of this program. Stay tuned for as update on what I found next week.

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