Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How To Fit Into That New Dress

With most of my clients wanting to lose weight this issue has been a frequent topic. Most women hire a personal trainer to look better. This often doesn’t require the loss of weight. What is really most important is the loss of inches. If you starve yourself you will lose weight. The problem is however that you will often have the same proportions, only smaller. While the truth remains that you can’t spot reduce (except with Liposuction). There is a principal called “last on first off”. What this means is, if you gained weight and it made your hips and thighs bigger. When you lose weight it will come off your thighs and hips first. The best way to accomplish the sculpting of a more desirable body is the addition of muscle and the loss of fat. You can ask 100 Personal Fitness Trainers and they will have a wide variety of opinions on weight loss. Fortunately the one thing that all weight loss coaches agree upon is consistency. If you stick to a plan of eating better and becoming more active you can’t help but succeed. What I’ve found in my 20 plus years as a certified fitness trainer is, make it doable and make it fun. I can give anyone a program that will work but if it becomes too laborious and uninteresting most people will quit. Body Mastery is different because you never do the same exercise twice. You never starve yourself and you never feel hungry. Small changes yield big results if you stay consistent!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Myth #1. You want to make a body part smaller so you do a million exercises to make that happen. It makes better sense to eat better and move more. Spend more time on the treadmill or just walking. You can actually make the stomach or hips bigger by adding muscle. #2 Women will become bulky. The truth is women have less testosterone than men. A lady will first become tone than defined. Even if you could become bulky you would know when to stop. #3 You need to exercise hard and often. The truth is, even moderate exercise can improve your fitness. Two half hour sessions a week can improve tone and even increase muscle mass.#4 You burn more fat if you go longer at a lower intensity. While you do burn a higher percentage of fat at a lower intensity, you burn more calories at a higher intensity. It all comes down to math. Burn more calories than you consume and you'll lose weight. Finally #5 No pain no gain. If you want to look like a body builder this is definitely true. Most people just want to look healthy and maybe defined. Listen to your body and if something hurts...STOP. You should stop lifting before it becomes uncomfortable. A rule of thumb is, stop a few reps before you have to stop. This way after 15 reps you could of done 17 or 18 if you pushed it. When you walk, make sure you can talk. This will help you to continue and still help you get more fit.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Easy Weight Loss Tips

Most people know why they don't lose weight. They don't move enough and they eat what ever they want. This blog isn't for them. For those of you who are making an effort and not having success, read on.

#1 Don't eat after 8 PM. 2# Don't snack on anything that has over 100 calories. Look at the label and measure out 100 calories (14 chips). #3 You eat too much fruit. Even though its healthy, you can supercharge your system with sugar. #4 Most people don't eat enough fiber. Fiber will make you feel full, help you to eat less and keep everything running smoothly. #5 Drink water and water with caffeine doesn't count. #6 A lack of physical activity. When you cut calories it will slow down your metabolic rate and make you lose muscle. You may lose weight in the short run but chances are you'll gain it back. #7 Skipping breakfast has been shown by every authority to slow down you metabolism and frustrate weight loss. Finally #8, not getting enough sleep will also slow down weight loss. Try melatonin a natural sleep aid. It cost almost nothing and has no side effects.