Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Will Sit Ups Give You a Flat Stomach

For years people have asked me for an abdominal routine to make their stomach flat. There are also countless women who want a magic exercise for a smaller butt and thighs. The sad truth is, there are no exercises to make anything smaller. You can encourage muscle growth to make your arms bigger. You can tone up your abs or thighs, but you can't spot reduce any body part. Some people spend a half hour on crunches and can actually increase their waist size. ( They wind up building muscle under the fat they're trying to lose)
Trainers may differ on their approach to fitness but most everyone agrees that the best way to decrease a fat body part is a combination of cardio and nutrition. It is important to include weight training but not for melting away a keg and turning it into a six pack.
If you want to get the best use out of a half hour, try 5 minutes (with a variety of crunches) after 25 minutes of cardio. Even better yet wear a heart monitor and stay in your target heart zone for a half hour while including your ab routine during your aerobics.

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