Friday, July 30, 2010

Can Children Benefit From Personal Training ?

If you are wondering if your child is too young for personal training, the following information may help you decide. There are many reasons for getting your child a personal trainer. Some of the most common fall under two major categories. The majority of parents just want their kids to learn the right way to workout and support their efforts with proper eating habits. Tell your spouse, a certain protein bar is worse than a snickers bar, and look out. A friend says the same thing and its OK. Same thing goes with the message from a trainer vs. the message from a parent. The same message may yield a better result.
The other category is improved performance and self confidence. We have helped students improve their times in track and field, and helped them excel in football and even water polo. With most if not all sports, the biggest asset is the mental edge. When a trainer can demonstrate an improved tangible gain in strength or a quicker time in the 40 yard dash, confidence is soon to follow.
Your child may not aspire to play professional football, make the next Olympic team or even play college sports. Most children just want to be good enough to perform at a level that allows them to enjoy the games they play. This alone will usually keep them busy, happy and surrounded by like minded friends that will help shape their maturity and development.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Why Use a Heart Monitor

For the past 20 years, people have come to train with us and the majority have one thing in common. People want to lose fat. With a heart monitor you can see what your pulse rate is by looking at a watch you wear on your wrist. This keeps you in your target heart zone which makes your workout not only safe but more precise and effective. Most people who have never worked out are amazed at how little they need to do to get "aerobic". We find if you don't overdue it, and you don't hate the process, you may actually stick with it.
One reason to work out a little longer is because of the fat burning equation. For the the first 19 mins. in your training zone (220-age x 60%= low/ 220-age x 80=high) you burn mainly carbs that you've eaten (glycogen). After 20 mins. you begin to use fat as an energy source and hense begin fat burning. Think about this next time you stop your cardio at 20 mins.
Don't worry about figuring out your target zone. Every brand comes with a simple chart so you don't need to do any math. Finally you can spend about $40 or $400 and the difference is mainly bells and whistles. The cheaper ones are also easier to set up and get going.

Friday, July 9, 2010

How To Start Your Making Progress

Today I want to address anyone out there with a desire to lose weight. To oversimplify, you need to burn more calories than you consume. If you are already exercising I'll get to you later. For those of you who do little or nothing, here is the good news. The less you are doing, the less you need to do to improve.
First thing I suggest is to start walking. If you want to keep yourself honest, chart or put the minutes you walk on your monthly calender. Don't start with a half hour or more. Start with something doable like 10-15 minutes. The idea is to make 10-15 a habit a few days a week and then increase. If you do too much and hate it, you won't keep the weight off. You can take a walk after dinner or take the pooch for a walk (or an extra walk). The nice thing to remember is you don't only benefit from the calories you burn. After exercise (a walk), your body metabolism is increased. This means even after you stop, your body will continue to burn calories at an accelerated rate. Possibly the biggest plus is the payoff mentally. You will not only feel better (and more empowered), but also think twice when it comes to food decisions.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How to get fit

My name is Derick Rotunno and I would like to start to share some information on what I do and how I do it. My wife Victoria and I are certified personal trainers and have worked with about a thousand people in the Foothill/Glendale area for the past 20 years. Like most personal trainers we have a studio where you can train, but our facility is private. One trainer and one, two or three clients makes it more productive and less stressful. You don't need to worry if your socks and shorts don't match and you don't need to do your hair.

A major difference as of late, is the integration of in-home training programs. People who used to train two or three times a week, may now only afford one or two sessions. We needed to find a way to show people how to train at home on their own, with or without equipment. People can be shown the right approach, more quickly than you may think.

I will be giving some information I hope someone out there may find usefull in the future.