Thursday, February 24, 2011

Diet Tips Guraranteed to Help You Lose Weight

The following are some basic ideas that have been proven to help you win the weight loss battle: Have a realistic goal, ask your doctor or a fitness pro. Keep a food journal, it will double your success rate. Shop on a full stomach with a list, don't impulse buy. Shop around the perimeter where the healthy foods are. If you plan on being out, bring healthy snacks so you don't get too hungry and overeat. Keep healthy items in the front of the frig and the pantry. This will help your willpower because you usually eat the first thing you see. Rework your recipes by substituting. Add turkey instead of beef, use reduced cheese and low fat items where ever possible. Drink more water and even add a glass before every meal to feel fuller. At restaurants you can often split an entree. You should get assertive and tell the waiter no bread or chips. If you are real hungry start with soup or salad before your 1/2 entree. It takes about 20 mins. to feel full so eat slowly. You can avoid stuffing yourself if you take your time. If you blow it, don't beat yourself up. Just make sure you're extra careful for the next day or two. Bring low calorie snacks to casual parties, other will also be glad you did. Finally, throw your fat clothes away. The worst thing you can do is buy new fat clothes.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Super Size for a Thunder Thighs and a Big Butt

Next time you want to save some money and super size, you may want to look at the calorie breakdown. Small fries are about 230 cals. where the SS is a whopping 500 cals. A small soda is about 85 cals. versus the big gulp alternative at 300 cals. The same goes for home or other restaurants. Take pasta for example, a 2 cup serving is about 280 cals. but a large serving is about 4 plus cups and 500 cals. A small bagel is 140 calories but a SS serving can be between 350 and 500 cals.
I have worked with hundreds of people over the past 20 years and most have wanted to lose weight. I can't tell you have many have told me they eat pretty well. Avoiding the obvious joke, the problem is not always what people eat but how much they eat. My suggestion is to start looking at how many calories are in the staples in your diet. Get an ounce scale and spend a week measuring some of the foods you eat all the time. Most of the calories are right on the container, but you need to see what size equals what calorie count. You may be in for a big surprise but a good lesson and some useful information.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

10 Reasons to Lose 10% of Your Fat

First of all losing only 10% is a doable figure. When you lose the first 10% then you can feel good about losing the next 10%. Second, losing 10% can help you avoid getting diabetes. You can also lower your numbers if you have a problem. Third, losing a little weight will make you feel empowered and even more confident. Fourth, by losing 1o% of your weight you reduce your chances of heart attack and strokes. Being overweight increases internal body inflammation which can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other diseases. Fifth, with 10% less to haul around you'll have more energy to exercise and be more active. Sixth, with less weight comes less joint pain and systemic inflammation. Seventh, studies have shown better sleep and less sleep apnea in people who are at a proper weight. Number eight is possible the biggest reason to lose that first 10%, you'll live longer. Nine is better digestion. Number 10 goes great with number 8. Living longer doesn't matter if you don't feel pretty good about yourself, this can also lead to a better sex life.
If you need more reasons, think of how happy you'll make all the people who will be happy for you!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Do You Have a Cold or the Flu

Here are some tips if you get sick and wonder if you have a cold or the flu. You basically wait out a cold. Fortunately you can get an antiviral from your doctor if you have the flu and catch it early. Here are some tips to let you know when to wait it out and when to get some medical attention. If you have a fever over 100 its the flu 80% of the time. When muscles aches are severe, chances are its not a cold. Having chills and feeling exhausted are usually more noticeable with the flu than with a cold. Headaches are more common in flu cases where as sore throats are possible in flu and colds. Nausea is a popular flu symptom but not in colds. Runny noses are common cold symptoms in adults and children but more likely the flu with children.
If you get the flu and you want to feel better here are some tips: Get some extra sleep, take Tylenol or Advil, stay warm, drink fluids and stay away from others.
To avoid getting the flu .... exercise on a regular basis. Every time you workout your body gets an elevated T cell count. Its kind of like a cleaning lady moving through your body removing free radicals that lead to illness. Over a period of time this "cleaning" effect can actually prevent you from getting sick!