Friday, July 30, 2010

Can Children Benefit From Personal Training ?

If you are wondering if your child is too young for personal training, the following information may help you decide. There are many reasons for getting your child a personal trainer. Some of the most common fall under two major categories. The majority of parents just want their kids to learn the right way to workout and support their efforts with proper eating habits. Tell your spouse, a certain protein bar is worse than a snickers bar, and look out. A friend says the same thing and its OK. Same thing goes with the message from a trainer vs. the message from a parent. The same message may yield a better result.
The other category is improved performance and self confidence. We have helped students improve their times in track and field, and helped them excel in football and even water polo. With most if not all sports, the biggest asset is the mental edge. When a trainer can demonstrate an improved tangible gain in strength or a quicker time in the 40 yard dash, confidence is soon to follow.
Your child may not aspire to play professional football, make the next Olympic team or even play college sports. Most children just want to be good enough to perform at a level that allows them to enjoy the games they play. This alone will usually keep them busy, happy and surrounded by like minded friends that will help shape their maturity and development.

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