Monday, August 9, 2010

How Much Time Do I Need To Exercise

As the old saying goes, "A little bit of something is better than a lot of nothing". If you don't have an hour, sometimes 10 or 15 minuets will do. If you want to lose weight the best prescription is three to five times per week for about 30-45 minutes. Unfortunately that may be difficult for most people with busy schedules. Luckily you can actually have better results when you combine a little exercise with proper eating habits. Remember you can burn 300-600 calories in an hour and you can negate that with three fattening mouthfuls.
If you want to get started with some quick results, try a 10-15 min walk after lunch. This does two things. First is the walk, second is the fact you'll eat smarted just knowing the walk is coming. After this becomes a habit (which is important), try to do some strength training. You can buy a pair of dumb bells and do a quick routine in 10 or 15 minuets when you're pressed for time. Make sure you use good form and make sure the weights are appropriate for the exercise. ( I use over 200 lbs. for some exercises and 5 lbs. for others). We offer a three session package that teaches you how to do a dumb bell routine in no time at all. Call 818-248-0170 for details

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