Friday, August 6, 2010

What To Eat To Lose Weight

One of the biggest concerns with people I work with is weight loss. You can spend some money and go to a nutritionist or a personal trainer. You can try Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers or any of the others weight loss centers or you can just follow some basic advise.
There are three types of food, fat, protein and carbs. Without getting too specific, you want to have all three groups represented in every meal. The best bang for your buck is a book on food calorie counts. For under $10 Corinne Netzer has a book called The Complete Book on Calorie Counts.
Most people have the same thing 80% of the time. Learn the calories and make up that 80% and make sure their productive to weight loss. Look at labels and learn how you're spending your allotment of calories. Is that bag of chips worth it.
One word of advice, don't get too crazy when you start. Never lower your calories by more than 500 at a time. In the long run you'll do better because you won't slow your metabolism down. Its takes less pain and deprivations and its more doable in the process. Another thing you don't want to skip meals (that means breakfast ). You also can have a snack between your three meals and actually make better progress. (a snack is under 100 cals.)

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