Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How To Improve Balance

Most people first begin an exercise program to look better or to lose weight. The things that you improve first, some may find surprising. Along with increased energy, better sleep and a better attitude, you can also improve your balance. A good trainer will do a variety of exercise that you may see others doing in a gym, but will a balance challenge. What this entails is performing an exercise while standing on one foot or while seated on a Swiss Ball. You can also try to do some of the good old standards (curls, lateral raises or d/b presses) while standing on a Bosu Ball. This is one of my favorites. This devise is a half dome ball that can add variety and intensity to almost any routine. The idea is to challenge the body now and force adaptation so as we age we don't find, "We fallen and we can't get up".
What is very encouraging is how quickly people can improve. In under three weeks I have introduced a balance challenge routine to a lady I work with over 70. Things that she didn't even want to attempt before are now a breeze. The best thing is its fun. Any time you can put exercise and fun in the same sentence, its a good thing.

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