Friday, July 9, 2010

How To Start Your Making Progress

Today I want to address anyone out there with a desire to lose weight. To oversimplify, you need to burn more calories than you consume. If you are already exercising I'll get to you later. For those of you who do little or nothing, here is the good news. The less you are doing, the less you need to do to improve.
First thing I suggest is to start walking. If you want to keep yourself honest, chart or put the minutes you walk on your monthly calender. Don't start with a half hour or more. Start with something doable like 10-15 minutes. The idea is to make 10-15 a habit a few days a week and then increase. If you do too much and hate it, you won't keep the weight off. You can take a walk after dinner or take the pooch for a walk (or an extra walk). The nice thing to remember is you don't only benefit from the calories you burn. After exercise (a walk), your body metabolism is increased. This means even after you stop, your body will continue to burn calories at an accelerated rate. Possibly the biggest plus is the payoff mentally. You will not only feel better (and more empowered), but also think twice when it comes to food decisions.


  1. Hey Derick!
    Janice Cone (Chapman) here. I began the Dukan Diet 11 weeks ago. I am almost at my goal weight but I really need to tone! So, here's the rub, I have a bad back. I wonder if you could recommend something for my waist and buttocks that will not hurt my back. I am inconsistent with working out but I do some free weights at home and I do a lot of crunches with my legs up on the exercise ball and my back flat to the mat.