Monday, July 19, 2010

Why Use a Heart Monitor

For the past 20 years, people have come to train with us and the majority have one thing in common. People want to lose fat. With a heart monitor you can see what your pulse rate is by looking at a watch you wear on your wrist. This keeps you in your target heart zone which makes your workout not only safe but more precise and effective. Most people who have never worked out are amazed at how little they need to do to get "aerobic". We find if you don't overdue it, and you don't hate the process, you may actually stick with it.
One reason to work out a little longer is because of the fat burning equation. For the the first 19 mins. in your training zone (220-age x 60%= low/ 220-age x 80=high) you burn mainly carbs that you've eaten (glycogen). After 20 mins. you begin to use fat as an energy source and hense begin fat burning. Think about this next time you stop your cardio at 20 mins.
Don't worry about figuring out your target zone. Every brand comes with a simple chart so you don't need to do any math. Finally you can spend about $40 or $400 and the difference is mainly bells and whistles. The cheaper ones are also easier to set up and get going.

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