Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Losing a Spare Tire or a Muffin Top

One of my clients last week asked me how to get rid of back fat. The same question has been posed to me a variety of ways. What is a good exercise to get my butt smaller? What can I do to lose my belly or how can get my thighs smaller? The answer has never made anyone happy. You can do many things to make a body part bigger. You can sculpt an arm or a leg. You can get more definition in your shoulders. The only way to get a body part smaller, unfortunately is to eat less than you burn.
The same rules of weight loss apply to smaller thighs, a smaller butt and a trim waist. You need to reduce your fun carbs, eat smarter and exercise more. I suggest to make a plan that involves two to three days of weights and two to three days of cardio. It may sound like a lot but you don't need to do your cardio for an hour. Walk with a friend and enjoy some conversation. You don't need to hate the process. Remember there are 168 hours in a week. You only need 4 to make you happy the other 162.

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