Friday, January 7, 2011

The Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

One of the biggest new years resolutions is to lose weight. The following are some of the things to avoid if you want to be successful. Don't eye ball items that you think you know the caloric value of. Take a little time to learn the calorie counts of the staples in your diet. Most people eat the same thing 80% of the time. Once you learn how much to put in the cereal bowl, you're done for a while. Do this and you may be surprised that that pasta dish is 2000 calories not 500. Don't do fad diets they don't work in the long run. Avoid unreal expectations (i.e. Biggest Loser) . Use the scale, but don't weight too much it will make you crazy. Limit alcohol, cut from three to two or from two vino's a night to one. Try just drinking on the weekends. Make exercise a part of your plan. If you limit calories you slow down your metabolism. Exercise helps speed it back up. Make friends aware you are serious this time. Friends and family can be a big help but may not be on the same page. Be firm if they don't cooperate, its OK if THEY want to be fat. The most important thing may be to plan a day ahead. If you wait until dinner to realize there's nothing in the fridge, pizza is always a good idea. Same goes for lunch. Bring a brown bag or something low calorie in advance.

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