Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Look Out for Corn Sweetener

It has recently come to light that corn syrup may be a bad thing. In 2010 an experiment was conducted at Princeton University. Researchers did a control study with rats. In one group rats were given corn syrup, in another group rats were given an equal calorie amount of sugar. The rats given corn syrup in the control group gained an excess amount of abdominal fat. They also showed a significant increase in triglycerides over the rats given sugar. The reason that many products now substitute corn syrup is #1 cost and #2 shelf life. Shoppers BEWARE!
You may also have noticed that the corn producers have gotten wind of the bad press. In an attempt to fool the informed, they have come up with a clever alternative....corn sugar. This is basically the same thing under a different name, a synthetic liquid that makes you fatter than sugar. Look at labels and avoid any sweetener with the word corn in the ingredients.

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