Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How To Look And Feel Better

What drives most people to a personal trainer is the desire to look better. Clients for the most part over the past 20 years have had losing weight at the top of their wish list. Second on the list is looking better which usually involves toning the arms, legs and butt.

What comes around first is a surprise to most people. A few pounds off every week over a few months and people start to take notice. What the newbie doesn’t expect is how quickly they begin to feel better. Usually after the first workout there is a sense of hope. Yes, you can do this. No, you don’t have to hate the process. Then after the first week physical changes begin to take place. Most people are unaware that they are sleeping better, have a little more energy and are generally in a better mood. I had one lady with Asthma who went from level one to level two on the elliptical after one session. Often it involves a feeling of empowerment that makes people dig down and take charge.

It’s a fact that it takes about a month for a new behavior to become a habit. Also for a person to change the look of their body, they first need to change their attitude. This means that when you look better you will as a byproduct, feel better as well!

With all the pros why doesn’t everyone participate in routine exercise? The arguments are pretty overwhelming. My opinions as a fitness trainer with 20 plus years are twofold. # One people have unrealistic expectation in terms of time and # two people have a flawed methodology. In simple terms they expect too much too soon and they try too hard and go too heavy.

Our goal at Body Mastery is to show anyone at any age how easy it is to improve how you look and feel. The key is a tailored approach that allows everyone to make progress and actually enjoy themselves while working within their limitations. This program in not BOOTCAMP ! Give us a call if you want to lose weight, improve your balance, tone your body and actually enjoy the process.

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