Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Eat Healthy - Live Longer

Poor eating habits have been linked not only to obesity but to health problems like cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. If you want to change your habits you need to look at what you eat, how much and then when you eat.

As a personal trainer I found some simple tips may be a big help for anyone looking to lose weight and eat healthier. The first thing for most overweight people is to deal with that sweet tooth. Two tips: #1 Eat fresh fruit every time you would eat the bad stuff (candy, cookies, ice cream etc.) #2 Try your coffee black instead of with cream and sugar or artificial sweetener. It may sound terrible but you only need to do it for a month to get the desired result.

With dinner a big help is to have a small salad BEFORE your meal. Use low cal. dressing and wait a few mins. before the entree. This will improve digestion and make you eat less high calorie food.

When it comes to implementing your new eating program, do some planning. The best thing to do is clean out the pantry and freezer of any temptations. Shop when you're not hungry and have low cal.veggies cut up with some low cal. dressing handy. Avoid late night eating by allowing yourself 100-150 calories. It may be better to have a little of the good stuff (low fat popcorn, pretzels or veggies) than to totally blow it with a 300-500 calorie binge.

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