Thursday, February 24, 2011

Diet Tips Guraranteed to Help You Lose Weight

The following are some basic ideas that have been proven to help you win the weight loss battle: Have a realistic goal, ask your doctor or a fitness pro. Keep a food journal, it will double your success rate. Shop on a full stomach with a list, don't impulse buy. Shop around the perimeter where the healthy foods are. If you plan on being out, bring healthy snacks so you don't get too hungry and overeat. Keep healthy items in the front of the frig and the pantry. This will help your willpower because you usually eat the first thing you see. Rework your recipes by substituting. Add turkey instead of beef, use reduced cheese and low fat items where ever possible. Drink more water and even add a glass before every meal to feel fuller. At restaurants you can often split an entree. You should get assertive and tell the waiter no bread or chips. If you are real hungry start with soup or salad before your 1/2 entree. It takes about 20 mins. to feel full so eat slowly. You can avoid stuffing yourself if you take your time. If you blow it, don't beat yourself up. Just make sure you're extra careful for the next day or two. Bring low calorie snacks to casual parties, other will also be glad you did. Finally, throw your fat clothes away. The worst thing you can do is buy new fat clothes.

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