Thursday, January 22, 2015

Keep Your Resolution


Is has been statistically proven that the majority of our resolutions are never accomplished. When it comes to fitness the major problem is the wording of the resolution. If your goal is to make progress with your health, longevity and  appearance, the solution may be as simple as the wording of your resolution.
There is acronym KISS. Keep it simple stupid (however I think we can do better than stupid). My experience over the past 20 plus years shows that a narrowly defined objective is easier to achieve that a goal like get more fit or lose weight.
If you are looking to lose weight and get more fit, the answer for most people is exercise routinely and eat better. The problem with that mission statement is: What does routinely and better mean? I would recommend that if you are starting at level 1 (couch potato who eats lots of fast food) , begin by saying you will walk two days a week and stop eating desserts after dinner. Get my drift. Make a strict goal that is clear to understand and easy to accomplish. In the coming weeks I will include a variety of tips that will hopefully include various people at different levels of making fitness a priority in their lives.

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