Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Good Way To Get Started

This entry is for anyone who wants to look and feel better but hasn’t gotten started. The majority of the people I talk to want to stick to an exercise routine. The biggest problemis often the approach that they take. Most of my clients come to me after several attempts on their own to get in shape. Here is my take on how to get started.
There has been new research that suggests it may be more productive to break up your cardio session in two or three segments. The study used two 30 minute sessions but then suggested that two or three 10 minute session would also be effective. The reason has to do with the fact that a break in the middle helps you breathe better and absorb more oxygen.
You may not have time for a half hour walk but you probably have time for a few ten minute walks. Also you burn the same amount of calories if you walk or run a mile. The difference is how much you get done in a given time frame. I know running is great exercise but have you ever looked at the face on a runner. There are not a lot of smiles.
Think of less as more if you want to get yourself going. The biggest mistake is to do too much, too fast. Bootcamp was intended for military men in their 20’s. If you have any problems with knees or sore ankles this may not be for you.
So in summary, if you want to get started try a few ten minute walks. Take a watch and pay attention to how long it takes you to walk a given distance. As you progress you inevitably will try to go a little farther or a little faster. Remember a little bit of something is better than a lot of nothing.

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