Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Imporve Your Balance And Tone Your Butt

One of the most common requests for every personal trainer is: “How can I firm up my butt?” There are over 20 good exercises, some require equipment this one does not. All you need is a little instruction and then some perseverance.

The first thing to do is stand up straight with your arms by your side. Lift your right leg up slightly as if you were taking a step up. Bend over and touch your left foot with your right hand. Most people won’t get all the way down, that’s OK. The first thing you’ll notice is how hard it is to balance. You may need to put down the right foot occasionally or even hold on to something stationary. Repeat this move ten times and then start on the other side.

A few things to remember never do anything that hurts the knees. When you bend forward to touch the right foot you can put the left leg back in the air to help your balance and avoid knee pain. As you bend down if you keep the legs straight you shouldn’t have any knee issues. Some people will only get as far as the knee and may need to hang onto a chair for stability. This move may seem easy to some but do a few sets of ten and
wait a day or two.

Another by product of this exercise is leg strength and improved balance. When you perform ten reps. you may feel it working in the upper leg and hip as well as the butt. Give this one a try because in a few minutes a week you can improve your balance while you strengthen your hips and gluteus maximus.

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