Monday, March 19, 2012

Reasons To Stick To Your Fitness Program

Most people are aware of the obvious benefits of exercise. If you are already in a fitness routine, you are a rare exception. The majorities of adults don’t exercise or talks themselves out of exercise on a regular basis. Here are some less talked about reasons that may help get you motivated.

A good fitness routine will raise your metabolism and help you lose fat. You will not only become smaller in all the right places but you will need to eat more to support your new muscle growth. Who doesn’t want to eat more? The average person between the ages of  20 and 80 loses 35-40 % of their muscles mass. We have less energy and feel softer than we did when we were in high school.

As we get stronger we gain confidence and maintain independence. One of the main reasons we put off activities is a fear of getting hurt. With greater strength we do more and ask for help less. I train a lady in her 70’s who wouldn’t think of asking for help with  a large bag of dog food.

The biggest motivator for calling a personal trainer is definitely aesthetics/vanity. We all want to look better. One of the most important side benefits however is a decreased risk of heart disease. The beer belly on men or apple shape on women is the worst place we can store fat. It promotes fat circulation throughout the blood stream.

If you want to prevent injuries or help stabilizes injuries you have, strength training is a proven remedy. Most of the mid to late life injuries come to us in the form of joint, tendon, or ligaments issues. When we strengthen the muscle correctly we not only fortify the joints and muscles but also the tendon and ligaments that often go first.

A fitness program can also improve our flexibility and balance. Many people don’t realize that when you improve your flexibility you also do wonders for your balance. Better balance and flexibility leads to better posture which makes you look younger and taller.

So in conclusion, here are a few reasons to stick to your exercise routine: You’ll raise your metabolism, lose fat in all the right places, you’ll be able to eat more,  have increased energy, decrease the risk of heart disease, look better, younger and taller, live longer, prevent or help injuries, improve flexibility, balance and feel more confident and independent.  

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