Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Good Move For The Back Arms

One of the problem areas for men as well as women is the triceps. The good news, this muscle is one of the easiest muscles to isolate or tone in the entire body. There are three heads to this muscle which give it the first part of its name (tri). The long head is the part of the back arm that gets the least work and therefore the flabbiest.

A good exercise to firm up this problem area is the chair dip. Sit on a hard chair and position your hands on the side of your butt. Scoot out a little until you butt is just off the edge of the chair and lower the body up and down a little. You don’t need to go down too far. Six to ten inches is more than enough.

You can tell you’re doing it right if you feel a burning in the back arm after just a few repetitions. Two things to watch out for are pain in the shoulders and a feeling of fatigue in the legs. The first means you went down too far and the second means you’re using the legs and not the back arms.

If you’re new to this move you only need to do it five to ten times. Wait a few days and try it again. Gradually work up to 10-15 a few times a week. For those of you who want an advanced version, put your legs out straight out in front of you. The really advanced can put their leg up on a chair so the feet are level to the hips.

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