Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to Keep a New Years Resolution

If you want to lose weight or keep any New Years Resolution I have a suggestion. This year make a January resolution. That's right, make a promise to yourself just for the month a January. What this does is gives you a manageable time frame to see some progress.

Most experts agree it takes time and repetition for a new behavior to become a habit. The problem with a New Years Resolution is often that it seems to intimidating. You look forward to a whole year and it seems too overwhelming. Break it up into smaller parts and the task seems more obtainable.

Start with a simple plan. Write it down a note pad or better yet type something on the computer and print it out. You may want to post it on the refrigerator or bathroom mirror. Be specific and don't make it too hard. An example may be: I am going to walk for 15 mins. after dinner Mon, Wed and Fri for the month of  January.

After the first week arrange in advance for a reward (that doesn't involve food). You may want to buy a shirt or something small that you want but don't have. Go back to the computer and gradually add little things to the list after you achieved you first little goal. You can add some time to the walk or make a diet improvement that isn't too hard. (Eat breakfast, have a salad twice a week or have broiled fish once a week). The trick is to allow yourself to gain momentum without feeling deprived.

Finally, during the third week of January make a similar plan for February. Some people take one day at a time and have great success. What I suggest is to take one month at a time. Use the same principal and you too will find success. If you want some help getting started give us a call or visit our website at

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