Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tips to Accelerate Fat Burning

If you workout or you don’t, everyone want to burn fat. You may not want to lose weight but you may want to add a little definition in your arms. You can lose weight but just become a scaled down version of you current shape. Conversely you can lose fat while you add muscle. This can help to shape your body in areas that you wish to slim down.

#1 Substitute veggies and fruit for starch based carbs. Vegetables and fruits have more fiber so they fill you up. They also give you sustained energy unlike processed carbs and starch that cause insulin to spike and the body to store fat. When you go out to dinner ask the waiter to leave the bread or skip the chips and salsa. When you order, ask for double veggies instead of rice or baked potatoes.

#2 Drink 16 glasses of water. If you want stay hydrated 8 glasses is fine. Double your water consumption and you flush toxins out of the cells and boost your metabolism. I have clients who did nothing differently but tried this (with skepticism) and noticed a difference. The best by-product of this easy trick is more energy. Boxers actually use this trick to get lean and make weight. Have a glass of water every two hours to keep track.

#3 Do a short resistance workout before a half hour cardio session. It has been proven that weight training depletes glycogen (muscle fuel). If you follow 20-30 minutes of strength training with a ½ hour of cardio, the fat burning is accelerated. You don’t need a lot of time and you don’t need any expensive equipment. Spend 15-30 minutes doing two exercises for each body part. You can use your own body weight (push ups or dips) and a few hand weights for a great challenging workout. Call us if you live in the La Crescenta/La Canada area and we'll show you how to get started.

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