Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Workout Tips for La Crescenta on 10-12-11

If you want to maximize your progress, you may want to change it up a bit when you workout. Most people love regularity and hate change. It is always easier to do the same thing than to learn something different.

Many people come to a personal trainer to learn some new tips on how to shape this body part or firm this body part. This is because the biggest mistake they make (next to doing nothing), is doing the same thing month after month.

You can actually reduce the weight and get better results if you target the muscles from different angles. This is a good example of working smarter not harder. Joe Weider, the father of body building called it muscle confusion.

The easiest way to change your routine is to do different exercises. If you don't need a lot of hand holding you can spend a few sessions with a personal trainer or fitness pro. They can show you how and you can take over from there.

If you have the basics down, here are some easy tips. #1, lift less weight but do it more times. #2, lift more weight and do it fewer times. #3, group two exercises together (super set) without stopping. This takes a little know how. It's best to combine either the same muscle group or related groups. #4, go more slowly on the negative ( easy part of the exercise) . For example lift the weight up and then down for a count of three. #5, add stretching after each exercise. Each muscle has been shown to benefit from being elongated after first being contracted. #6, change the frequency. Adding a day can make a big difference but sometimes taking a day off will also help prevent over training if that's the case.

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