Saturday, July 2, 2011

Easy Weight Loss Tips

Most people know why they don't lose weight. They don't move enough and they eat what ever they want. This blog isn't for them. For those of you who are making an effort and not having success, read on.

#1 Don't eat after 8 PM. 2# Don't snack on anything that has over 100 calories. Look at the label and measure out 100 calories (14 chips). #3 You eat too much fruit. Even though its healthy, you can supercharge your system with sugar. #4 Most people don't eat enough fiber. Fiber will make you feel full, help you to eat less and keep everything running smoothly. #5 Drink water and water with caffeine doesn't count. #6 A lack of physical activity. When you cut calories it will slow down your metabolic rate and make you lose muscle. You may lose weight in the short run but chances are you'll gain it back. #7 Skipping breakfast has been shown by every authority to slow down you metabolism and frustrate weight loss. Finally #8, not getting enough sleep will also slow down weight loss. Try melatonin a natural sleep aid. It cost almost nothing and has no side effects.

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