Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Little Bits to Get More Fit

With the biggest obstacle to working out being a lack of time, here are some tricks to help you along. Forget the all or nothing attitude. If you only have 10 mins. this can help speed up your metabolism and when you add a few additional clips of 10 it may equal a real workout. The trick is to treat the 10 mins. like a regular workout. Warm up for one to two mins. followed by 10-15 exercises and then cool down for a min. or two. You can also try to do three 10 min. sessions that hits either strength, cardio and flexibility. For cardio you can use the treadmill, elliptical or just walk for ten mins. For strength try some light dumb bells or just a few sets of push ups or chair dips. Stretching is easy to do. It feels good and you can do it every day and helps you feel younger.
The idea is to do something if you can't fit in a full workout. Sometimes the little workout go longer and become the bigger workout you were trying to avoid.

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