Monday, October 18, 2010

An Easy Way to Lose Weight- Add Fiber

A recent study is The Journal Of Nutrition states that by increasing your fiber intake from 16 grams to 25 grams per day could help you lose 10 lbs. a year. Increase this to 35 grams a day and you could lose over 15 lbs. a year. Another quick fix is to have oatmeal for breakfast which has been shown to help reduce hunger cravings for lunch. One thing to remember, if you want to put on muscle. Oatmeal is mostly carbs. so add a scoop of protein powder.
Although you can get fiber in supplements it is best to get them naturally in food. If you start looking at labels you will find there are many places you might not of realized. Raw fruits and veggies are also great place to increase your daily allotment of fiber.


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  2. I like oatmeal and the extra hit, but for some reason, I do keep that nice full feeling after eating it. Any guesses as to why?