Thursday, September 2, 2010

Eating Too Little Can Make You Gain Weight

What most people find in conventional diets are quick weight loss followed by an eventual plateau. What also unfortunate may follow is weight gain. The reason for this is something called starvation mode efficiency. The body reacts to a sudden calorie deficit by slowing its metabolism down. This has been done over the centuries as a survival mechanism. The body begins to conserve energy and store fat as it sees that calories have become scarce. If you were used to 2500 calories and then go down to 1500 you will initially lose weight. The body in time will learn make that 1500 a set point to maintain body weight. For additional weight loss you will need to cut the 1500 down to 1200 or even 1000 calories a day.
For most people, after a few weeks of starving yourself, the willpower will wane. After you went to 1500 calories you may start to inch up to 1700 or 2000 calories a day. The upshot is, what used to make you maintain weight will now make you gain weight.
The simple answer is never cut your calories by more than 500 at a time. Slow weight loss can be permanent weight loss. Quick weight loss is usually followed by quick weight gain.

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